The Homplace

Booking & Information

Included in each Homeplace rental:

Tables and Chairs for 100 guests. We will be happy to arrange rental of additional tables and chairs for your needs for an additional fee. Dining tables are round, 60” tables.


Use of both Homeplace Buildings, including porches, patio, fire pit, gas grill, picnic tables, bar area and restroom facilities.  An onsite, fully-equipped Kitchen is available for licensed caterers to use for keeping food hot or cold that is prepared offsite.  The kitchen includes a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and serving area.

Parking is provided in designated areas for all guests, caterers, and other vendors. For large events, a parking attendant will be provided, and golf cart service will be offered for those guests with limited mobility.


Deposit Required for Booking:

A deposit of $500 is required at the time of booking any event. $200 will be a nonrefundable booking fee. Three hundred dollars will be regarded as a damage fee that will not be refunded until after the event. In the case that excessive damage is done to the property or venue, the damage fee will be forfeited, and additional costs may be incurred.


All Homeplace event rentals must be paid for in full at least two week prior to the event date. Cash, check, or credit cards will be accepted for payment.


Event Cleanup:

Cleaning up after an event by the owners requires an additional $300 dollars fee prior to the event. If the leases would like to do their own cleanup, a checklist will be provided by the owners that must be completed before any deposits are credited or refunded. 


Weddings & Wedding Receptions:

The rental fee for weddings or wedding receptions includes a portrait session prior to the wedding date. The session must be booked with the owners, as well as the photographer.


The rental includes the entire day of the wedding, beginning at nine a.m., and ending at 11:00 pm. A list must be provided prior to the wedding date of vendors, caterers, florists or others that might need access prior to the wedding or reception.

If a large tent is needed, electricity is available to accommodate needs in a designated area. While we will be happy to contact a rental company that provides such tents, the rental of the tent and any extra needs for tent are not included in the Homeplace rental.


Alcohol is permitted, but must be served by a licensed bartender and a temporary liquor permit must be obtained and posted.  We will be happy to provide you with bartender contacts that have provided such services at past events. We strongly discourage drinking and driving, and would allow vehicles to remain at the Homeplace overnight in the event that a patron was not able to drive home safely. All such vehicles must be removed by 2:00 pm the following day. The Homeplace is not liable for any damages to the vehicle or its contents.


We do have a short list of “No’s” that we want you to be aware of:

No items affixed to the walls of any structure may be removed without the owners express consent. Likewise, removal of furniture items from structures before an event must be approved by the owners.


No open flame centerpieces or arrangements may be used for decorations...

No confetti, rice, or birdseed can be used inside any structure or on the porches.

No pets allowed at Homeplace events, with the exception being in the case of service animals.


Children are not allowed near the ponds or wooded areas of the property. Guests under the age of twelve must be supervised by an adult at all times while on the premises of The Homeplace.